403096_327475693955086_579036344_nplindberg Art works over a large area when talking about art and design.

From traditional painting to photography, sculptures and consultation. plindberg Art works with a so called Custom-model, works and produces close to the customer and the customer’s needs. Depending on the premise that plindberg Art brings and has a function in a specific project.

Peter Lindberg, who for over twenty years has created art, among other things under his alias plindberg, was born in Uppsala, has had his own gallery in Gröndal in Stockholm and has lived a few years in Visby.

Where art is born ”Do I get the opportunity of thousands of meetings, I’ll show you a thousand of pictures.” In meeting with other people and environments resulting art. Now is the island of Gotland in focus, Gotland Light, Gotland’s soul. From this the paintings and sculptures come in visual in his studio in Visby.



Rest-Art, Sculpture and paintings of recycled materials and Gotland sand. It’s called Rest-Art. Some artwork has sound absorbing qualities, giving the art an added dimension and function. Mission, and Art has a mission.

It helps us to new ideas, new approaches and to question the habitual. ”It is the artist’s contributions to the world”. Dedication: For plindberg it is important that what he does mean something to others.

He has participated over the years a lot of humanitarian projects such as ”Min Stora Dag” and the tsunami disaster 2004th.